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VIDEO: Demonstration of Washing a Mountain Mat

dirty mountain mat easy-to-clean


When Mountain Mat sets up a booth at a community festival, we use our own mats as the ‘carpets’ for inside the the tent.  Having an attractive floor covering inside our selling space really sets us apart from other tents that just have the dirt/mud/grass floor. Last month as we were taking down our festival booth – we noticed that the spot we’d been set up on was more dirt than grass.  We were quite thankful to have the Mountain Mats laid out inside our tent – they saved us a LOT of dirt and mud!  When we pulled up the mats, the bottom sides were covered in 

dirty mountain mat easy-to-clean

dirt. One of the best aspects of Mountain Mats is that they are waterproof – and that makes cleaning up easy.  We just folded up the mats with the dirt side facing in.  Then we brought them back home for a thorough washing.  See the exciting videos here!



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