The Best Family Beach Mat

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Planning the ultimate family beach day starts with a premium plastic beach mat.  Leave the sand at the beach with our waterproof beach mats designed to allow sand to slide right off.  Best of all, our family beach mats are woven from 100% recycled polypropylene – helping to give plastic trash a new purpose!  Your old picnic blanket has nothing on our product!

Our 5′ x 7′ Outdoor Mat is Perfect For the Beach!  UV Protected, Waterproof, and Sand Shakes Right Off.  Pick From a Variety of Colors and Pattern Details.

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Spending time at the beach with your family is a healthy and affordable way to bond, and to enjoy nature. Having the right plastic beach mat is essential to ensure a fun, mess-free day. The Mountain Mat recycled polypropylene beach mat is designed exactly for this; keeping the sand out of your gear, providing your family with the perfect spot to relax, and even protecting sensitive skin from the hot ground. Here’s why people love this mat for hot fun in the summertime:

The Ultimate Family Beach Mat

First of all, the Mountain Mat is big enough for the whole family. At 5′ X 7′, it’s the same size as your average beach blanket. But unlike a cloth blanket, it’s waterproof, odor proof, spill proof, and extremely easy to clean. It’s brightly colored, with five bright colors to choose from, so your kids will be able to spot you in an instant. Because it’s so sturdy and visible, other beach-goers are unlikely to impeach your space, too.

Beach days with family can be tiring; loading all your gear into your car, driving to the beach, and then unpacking everything is a big chore! The Mountain mat is extremely lightweight and comes with a convenient carry bag. You can fit more gear in the travel bag, too! It’s easy to throw it over your shoulder, unlike large beach blankets or tarps.

Looking for the best beach mat to keep sand away?

Sand can get very hot, and can even cause burns to your skin. The Mountain Mat acts as a protective barrier, keeping your family at a comfortable temperature throughout the day. And if it does warm up, on really hot days, simply dip it in the water for a moment to cool it back down (it dries extremely quickly!).

On the topic of sand, keeping it out of your space can also make your beach visit more enjoyable. This thick plastic mat is sturdy and durable, so it creates a solid barrier between your items and the ground. Keeping sand out of your food, off of your stuff, and even off of yourself is a priority.  Looking for more sandfree tips for the beach?  Read this informative article: Tips for Keeping Sand at the Beach

There’s nothing worse than returning form the water to find your towels covered in sand!

A plastic beach mat is the number one way to create a barrier between your stuff, and the ground!

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Stop Laying On A Beach Towel!  Our Product Is Perfect For Picnics By The Shore or Drying Off After Playing In The Waves With Friends.  Top Rated Durability And At A Great Price.

Why Choose a Plastic Beach Mat?

The Mountain Mat is a recycled plastic mat, meaning it’s made from reclaimed plastics. This is a win for the environment, as many of those plastics were destined for a landfill. Unlike cloth or straw beach mats, this mat will not “puddle”, or create divots that can collect sand. There really is nothing worse than drying off with a sandy beach towel!

Because it’s made of a waterproof material, the Mountain Mat is extremely versatile. It’s easy to clean, so you can use it as a picnic spot, sit on it while applying sunscreen, and even use it to tan. Plastic is also much sturdier than traditional beach blankets, and this mat is much more sturdy than a tarp, so you you can be sure it will keep it’s shape and form throughout the day.

A recycled plastic beach mat is the perfect accessory to claim your space for a day on the beach.

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Our 5′ x 7′ Outdoor Blankets are Perfect For a Picnic on the Beach!  UV Protected, Waterproof Material, and Sand Shakes Right Off.  Your Choice of 9 Color Options.

Cleaning the Mountain Mat at a Public Beach Shower

FAQ Plastic Beach Mats

Mountain Mat recycled plastic beach mats have some key details and features that make these mats perfect for the beach or park! All our outdoor mats are waterproof and sand-proof – just lay your beach towels on top of the mat and enjoy a sand-free resting space. The 5×7 beach mats come with stake loops so you can tack it down with a set of sand stakes (sold separately) to keep your mat in place even on windy days. The smaller beach mats (size 3×6) come with elastic straps for rolling your mat up when not in use, while the larger mats (size 5×7 and up) come with their own heavy-duty carry bag with handles and pockets.

All designs and variety of our recycled plastic beach mats are sold on our website as well as We sell beach mats in sizes 3’x6′, 5’x7′, 8’x12′ and larger. You can find customer reviews attesting to the quality and workmanship of a Mountain Mat on both websites!

When purchasing a beach mat, be sure to look for a mat with either stake loops, sand pockets, or corner pockets (that can be weighted down) in order to keep your mat secure in windy conditions. If your mat does not have stake loops, ensure that you place a bag or beach towels on top of the mat to prevent it from flying up in a gust of wind.

Mountain Mat USA

Jennifer Hillberg is the Founder and Creator of Mountain Mat, LLC, the USA’s first 100% recycled plastic, reversible, outdoor recreation mat. As an avid outdoor recreationalist, Jennifer has hiked and camped in some of the world’s most remote places alongside her husband and three children. Learn more about The Mountain Mat Story.