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Watermelon Red Reversible Outdoor Mat 3×6

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Mountain Mat is the essential outdoor companion for all your adventures! Perfect as a beach mat, baby play blanket, exercise mat, and more. It’s a super-durable, eco-friendly (100% recycled), waterproof, easy-to-clean stylish mat. Easy to roll up and carry.

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STRONGER, THICKER, BETTER – Our 3’x6′ indoor/outdoor mats are made with a thick 550g recycled plastic polypropylene weave weight that provides insulation from cold AND hot ground surfaces. Our mats are thicker and more durable than all other plastic outdoor rugs.

4-SIDED EDGING & UV STABILIZED TO RESIST FADING  – All Mountain Mats come with 4-sided double-stitched edging as well as a UV protectant coating. Our 3’×6′ recycled plastic mat is built to last several seasons of outdoor activities!

ECO-FRIENDLY – Made from 100% recycled polypropylene (excluding edging) to help reduce our carbon footprint!

REVERSIBLE – Get two looks in one! Our indoor/outdoor mats are designed with bright colors and popular patterns to stand out during your camping, picnic, yoga or at the beach outings.

EASY-TO-CLEAN, MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT – This mat won’t trap odors. Sand and dirt shake right off or simply hose down, wipe off and allow to air dry.

PROTECT GEAR – Provides a waterproof barrier between the ground and you and protects expensive gear all while making clean-up a breeze!
LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO STORE – Rolls into a 5” diameter and secures with 2 elastic straps.[SOLD SEPERATLY] CARRY STRAP MAKES TRANSPORTING A BREEZE – Roll up your mat and throw it over your shoulder. Sold separately – use our Mountain Mat carry strap that doubles as a stretching belt!

CLEANING – To clean your Mountain Mat, simply shake off any loose debris. For mud or other more difficult dirt, hose your mat off with water and allow to air dry. It is not recommended to use abrasive or chemical cleaning products on your Mountain Mat. Mountain Mats are constructed from high-quality recycled polypropylene which has been UV protected to resist fading.

MAINTAIN COLOR – Leaving your mat in the sun for a few days is absolutely fine, but please keep in mind that it is not recommended to leave your mat in continuous direct sunlight or moisture as this will cause weather-related damage.

Mountain Mat has a 30-day return policy for refunds or exchanges. Requests in writing must be made within 30 days of the initial order. Visit Returns & Exchanges for more information.

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Reasons to buy this mat

What makes this the best outdoor reversible plastic mat? Mountain Mat is a premium, all-purpose, 100% recycled plastic mat designed to last through any outdoor adventure.

Reviews for Watermelon Red Reversible Outdoor Mat 3×6

38 reviews for Watermelon Red Reversible Outdoor Mat 3×6

  1. Laura

    Love this color!!! Adds a pop of fun to our pool area – kids like to sit on it because its soft.

  2. Nannie Daniels

  3. Anonymous

    Portable, easy-to-clean, camping mat – perfect for doorway of tent. Have used this mat 3-4 times now and its holding up very well. I think this will last us several seasons. We may purchase additional ones because I think it would be great to have inside the tent as well. Easy to fold up, waterproof, and lightweight. 5 *****

  4. Lewys Warren

  5. Cindy

    works great – keeps dirt and grass out of our RV…

  6. Anonymous

    Inexpensive and durable. I use this mat when I go to my son’s soccer games. I set my chair up along side and I have some place dry to put my bag and the snacks. Works perfect and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on it.

  7. Declan Gay

    Great for beaches and picnics. Lightweight – easy to carry. I have it in my car at all times. Color is pretty.

  8. Anonymous

    Versatile-beach, yoga, naps. I have used this mat at the beach, outside yoga, and even took a nap on it. Love it.

  9. Kaitlyn Bowman

  10. L.Braun


  11. Rowan Espinoza

    Good beach mat. Looked for a mat to lay out beach stuff on and keep sand off. This mat fits the bill. Nice color.

  12. Harper

    This mat is perfect for the beach. Its wide enough for 1 adult to lie out without touching the sand. I put my towel on top. Very nice quality and I am super pleased with this purchase.

  13. Danielle Gest

    This is a great product if you go to the beach or camping. Used under a tent it helps keep moisture from building under the tent and protects the bottom along with lowering the amount of dirt tracked in even from the dog. 

  14. Nancy H

  15. J R

    Great mat for the beach.

  16. Arman Harrington

    Door mat for our 10-person tent. Works great and sweeps off or shakes off any dirt. I like that it rolls up and secures with its own straps (no chance of losing them!) and we just pack it up with everything else. I will order another larger mat for inside the tent next.

  17. Doug Free

    I live at the beach so I thought this sounded great. I tried it out and it works great with dry sand.

  18. J Alexander

    My sister gave me this mat for our camping expedition. We used it in front of our tent (we have a 10-person tent – so its BIG). This mat was like a runner in front of the door which was good for putting shoes on it. We didn’t let the kids wear shoes inside the tent to try to keep the dirt out. It worked really well. We were camping on a area that was very sandy. I used a small hand broom to sweep off dirt that got on the mat and that was easy.

  19. Clint

    We have used this outside our motorhome for 6 months now. We simply shake it off and move on. It is durable and easy to clean.

  20. Jackson

    Just bought this to the beach and was really surprised at how well it worked. Its very light, but unrolls and lays flat. I put a little sand on each corner and it stayed put even when the wind picked up a little bit. The plastic weave feels soft under your feet and it doesn’t get too hot under the strong sun. I layed my beach towel on top of the mat and that seemed to work perfectly – kept my towel from being too sandy. When we were done the sand shook off the mat and it was easy to roll it up and secure with the little elastic straps. Highly recommend this mat.

  21. Anonymous

  22. Shawn McShane

    It has worked out great. It is easy to hose off and dries quickly. It is also easy to sweep clean of rocks and loose dirt. When we are not camping we use it on the deck to our house and it keeps the surface cooler to walk on and no slivers from the old deck boards. Stands up well to chairs, and tables placed on top of the mat and helps in leveling the ground.

  23. Jeff Riggs

    Sand doesn’t stick to it at all. Great purchase and would purchase again!

  24. Hannah

  25. Anonymous

  26. Cassie

    Perfect for camping, holds up great

  27. BB Dunn

    Great addition to our camping gear. Easy to sweep clean. Helps keep the gras out of the tent.

  28. Bobbie

    Great product! I expect these to last a very long time!

  29. K Long

  30. Dave

    Awesome picnic mat! High quality, absolutely stunning. Definitely worth the money spent. The design is very eye catching,

  31. Andrea

    This mat was the perfect gift for my outdoor loving son and daughter in law. They loved it.

  32. David B.

    Not big enough for 2 people to lie on. You could sit 2 people but you can’t lie out. Just FYI.

  33. Ronald

  34. D

    This is a nice beach/park mat.

  35. W Lewis

    Keep this mat in the car and use frequently when going to the park with the little one. Something clean for him to play on and easy to clean.

  36. D Sanchez

    Love it. Worth every penny. Makes our camp site look and feel comfy and clean. Awesome when it gets muddy and easy to clean.

  37. Andy

    Nice light weight, outdoor beach blanket. Lovely color too.

  38. Russell Banks

    Finally, a product that cuts down on th amount of sand in my food and car.

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