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Sunset Orange Reversible Outdoor Mat 5×7

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A Mountain Mat is the essential outdoor mat for picnics, beaches, camping, or outdoor play blanket. It’s reversible, waterproof and UV protected for long-lasting color. Protect clothing, bags, cameras, and electronics from sand, moisture, dirt, and more. Loose sand shakes right off, wet and sandy feet are no problem.

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STRONGER, THICKER, BETTER – Our 5×7 indoor/outdoor mats are made with a thick 550g recycled plastic polypropylene weave weight that provides insulation from cold AND hot ground surfaces. Our mats are thicker and more durable than all other plastic outdoor rugs.

4-SIDED EDGING & UV STABILIZED TO RESIST FADING – All Mountain Mats come with 4-sided double-stitched edging as well as a UV protectant coating. Our 5×7 recycled plastic mat is built to last seasons of camping!

ECO-FRIENDLY – Made from 100% recycled polypropylene (excluding edging) to help reduce our carbon footprint!

REVERSIBLE: 2 LOOKS IN ONE – Why choose drab and boring for your outdoor adventures? Our outdoor mats are designed in the USA for a bright, cheery look – perfect as a camping mat, RV outdoor rug, or at the beach.

EASY-TO-CLEAN, MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT – This mat won’t trap odors. Sand and dirt shake right off or simply hose down, wipe off and allow to air dry.

PROTECT GEAR – Provides a waterproof barrier between the ground and you and protects expensive gear all while making clean-up a breeze!

LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE – will not harm or kill the grass.

STAKE IT DOWN – Nylon loops on corners for camping stakes (stakes sold separately).

CLEANING – To clean your Mountain Mat, simply shake off any loose debris. For mud or other more difficult dirt, hose your mat off with water and allow to air dry. It is not recommended to use abrasive or chemical cleaning products on your Mountain Mat. Mountain Mats are constructed from high-quality recycled polypropylene which has been UV protected to resist fading.

MAINTAIN COLOR – Leaving your mat in the sun for a few days is absolutely fine, but please keep in mind that it is not recommended to leave your mat in continuous direct sunlight or moisture as this will cause weather-related damage.

Mountain Mat has a 30-day return policy for refunds or exchanges. Requests in writing must be made within 30 days of the initial order. Visit Returns & Exchanges for more information.

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Reasons to buy this mat

What makes this the best outdoor reversible plastic mat? Mountain Mat is a premium, all-purpose, 100% recycled plastic mat designed to last through any outdoor adventure.

Reviews for Sunset Orange Reversible Outdoor Mat 5×7

5 reviews for Sunset Orange Reversible Outdoor Mat 5×7

  1. Kim V.

    Wow, I am really impressed with the heavy duty construction and that it came with a carry bag. I just received it today and look forward to using it on our next camp trip.

  2. Brenda Robertson

    Very good quality – love the bag too.

  3. Melissa Devolve

    LOVE this product!!!!!! We are already using it often….

  4. Lori R.

    We bought our Mountain Mat just before our family’s recent spring break beach trip. Day 1 on the beach (and day 1 of using our new Mountain Mat), we spread the Mountain Mat on the beach, set everything up and were enjoying the surf! My 11-year-old wanted an Italian ice (blue raspberry, of course), and he immediately plopped down on the Mountain Mat to eat it, spilling a good portion of the blue liquid smack in the middle of our new orange Mat! Panicked, I poured water from my water bottle onto the spill and the blue sugary liquid vanished! Even when the water dried, there was no trace of the stain! When we finished the day, we shook off the sand and the Mountain Mat looked as brand new as when we’d unpacked it that morning! We can’t wait to take our Mountain Mat camping, to horse shows, and on all sorts of family adventures!

  5. Mark G.

    Great product, inside or out.

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