SET OF FOUR: 10″ Steel Tarp Stake with Baked on White Enamel Painted Coating


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  • Product of the USA, manufactured in Tennessee
  • Heavy Duty Steel tarp stake
  • 5/16″ diameter and 10″ long
  • Set of 4 stakes
  • Enamel coating resists rusting

Secure your Mountain Mat with this set of 4 steel stakes.  Whether you are at the beach, in dry or wet dirt, or in rocky soil – these heavy-duty stakes are easy to use and up the challenge.  These are NOT your wimpy, cheapo stakes.

These stakes can be pushed in to most soils/sands by hand.  You can push the hook down level with the ground and prevent a tripping hazard.  They are easily pulled by inserting another stake in the hook and pulling upwards.  These are durable and should last a lifetime.  The bright white color makes them easy to find in tall grass or brush.

Note: the enamel will chip off when in contact with other stakes and with use, this does not affect the durability or use of the stake – it is normal and expected.