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Caribbean Teal Reversible Outdoor Mat 3×6

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Mountain Mat is the essential outdoor companion for all your adventures! Perfect as a beach mat, baby play blanket, exercise mat, and more. It’s a super-durable, eco-friendly (100% recycled), waterproof, easy-to-clean stylish mat. Easy to roll up and carry.

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STRONGER, THICKER, BETTER – Our 3’x6′ indoor/outdoor mats are made with a thick 550g recycled plastic polypropylene weave weight that provides insulation from cold AND hot ground surfaces. Our mats are thicker and more durable than all other plastic outdoor rugs.

4-SIDED EDGING & UV STABILIZED TO RESIST FADING  – All Mountain Mats come with 4-sided double-stitched edging as well as a UV protectant coating. Our 3’×6′ recycled plastic mat is built to last several seasons of outdoor activities!

ECO-FRIENDLY – Made from 100% recycled polypropylene (excluding edging) to help reduce our carbon footprint!

REVERSIBLE – Get two looks in one! Our indoor/outdoor mats are designed with bright colors and popular patterns to stand out during your camping, picnic, yoga or at the beach outings.

EASY-TO-CLEAN, MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT – This mat won’t trap odors. Sand and dirt shake right off or simply hose down, wipe off and allow to air dry.

PROTECT GEAR – Provides a waterproof barrier between the ground and you and protects expensive gear all while making clean-up a breeze!
LIGHTWEIGHT & EASY TO STORE – Rolls into a 5” diameter and secures with 2 elastic straps.[SOLD SEPERATLY] CARRY STRAP MAKES TRANSPORTING A BREEZE – Roll up your mat and throw it over your shoulder. Sold separately – use our Mountain Mat carry strap that doubles as a stretching belt!

CLEANING – To clean your Mountain Mat, simply shake off any loose debris. For mud or other more difficult dirt, hose your mat off with water and allow to air dry. It is not recommended to use abrasive or chemical cleaning products on your Mountain Mat. Mountain Mats are constructed from high-quality recycled polypropylene which has been UV protected to resist fading.

MAINTAIN COLOR – Leaving your mat in the sun for a few days is absolutely fine, but please keep in mind that it is not recommended to leave your mat in continuous direct sunlight or moisture as this will cause weather-related damage.

Mountain Mat has a 30-day return policy for refunds or exchanges. Requests in writing must be made within 30 days of the initial order. Visit Returns & Exchanges for more information.

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Reasons to buy this mat

What makes this the best outdoor reversible plastic mat? Mountain Mat is a premium, all-purpose, 100% recycled plastic mat designed to last through any outdoor adventure.

Reviews for Caribbean Teal Reversible Outdoor Mat 3×6

41 reviews for Caribbean Teal Reversible Outdoor Mat 3×6

  1. Robert N. (verified owner)

    Great color and quality construction!

  2. Quentin

    Well made. Does not have stake loops.

  3. S. Lambert

    Love the teal — my favorite color. Sand shakes right off and the mat rolls up compactly and you use he elastic loops that are on the ends to hold it together. I like this mat – I recommend this product.

  4. Alexander

    Perfect for a tent door.

  5. Dennis

    Very light weight and easy to transport when rolled up. I have the carry strap too and its simple but nice.

  6. A Hahn

    Outdoor mat.

  7. Anonymous

  8. David H

    I like the look of this mat. My son’s school eats lunch outside on Fridays and he takes this mat to sit on. His friends all want to share with him! I think some other parents will be buying these mats too. I told the administrators that all the kids should have one because they keep their clothes so much cleaner.

  9. Penelope

    Perfect for outside our patio door. We have sliding doors to our back patio and people are constantly tracking dirt inside. I put out this runner and it helps to keep the dirt out because people track it off on the mat instead of coming inside.

  10. Bryony Shah

    These mats from Mountain Mat are better than you can believe. They are high quality and made from recycled plastic. They don’t stain either.

  11. Antony Massey

    Soft to walk on, sand slides right off, water slides off – rolls easily. GREAT PRODUCT!

  12. Lily

  13. Ayla Middleton

  14. Xander

    So happy I bought this mat! Good value for the quality. I recommend this company.

  15. Carrie Stark

    Great quality and love that this is a ‘green’ purchase. We should always buy recycled if we can. Love supporting this small company.

  16. Vivian

  17. Owen

    Bought this gift for family members who like camping. They have already used it with their toy hauler and said that it works great for keeping dirt out! They like the color. I’ll be buying more because they make fun gifts that are useful!

  18. David B.

    Works as expected.

  19. Peyton

  20. Farrah Wallace

    Mat arrived quickly – good customer service.

  21. D.BERRY

    I got this mat to put inside my 6 man tent in between the wall and our air mattress. It looks nice, feels soft on feet, and keeps the tent cleaner because sand and dirt filter through the weave.

  22. Ruth

    The perfect size for two toddlers outside! We set out picnic lunch every day and they can have a little space to call their own. I will be getting another soon so they can each have their own mat. They are soft and feel good under bare feet!

  23. Hashim Hayden

  24. Christopher

    Perfect for staging a small patio for a home sale today. Easy to roll up and store for later use. I think it really brought the patio togeher in a cool vibe.

  25. Elliot Herrera

    I like the color and the weave feels thick.

  26. Kingsley Huff

  27. Craig

    Good for camping or the park. Easily fits 1 adult, but 2 could sit on it if they have their feet off.

  28. Ella

  29. Sandra

    My dog loves this mat – he sleeps on it on our back deck. It keeps him from burning his paws when it gets really hot out.

  30. Laura H

  31. M Carrillo

    Best customer service! I love that I emailed the owner of the company and she responded right away. I will be purchasing more mats in the future – this is my first one and I love it. I can tell its high quality and the color is lovely.

  32. Holly Kennedy

  33. Randy Wilcox

    “Claimed our Space” – took this mat to an outdoor movie event. Got there a bit early, set up my mat in the best spot, and then was free to mingle around and know that no one was taking my spot!

  34. Anonymous

    We use this at the beach – perfect for lying a towel on. It rolls up and I use the carry strap to sling over my back when I walk to/from the car. Everyone likes the color – looks like the Carribean!

  35. Julie

  36. Alejandro Escobar

    Perfect for the pool or the beach!

  37. Martin

    Purchased for my front porch – it has a stylish look – modern and minimal. I like it.

  38. Michael S

    Lightweigh and perfect for the beach (or the park or the lake).

  39. Donna Reed

    Purchased 3 of these 3×6 mats for my children to take to the shore in the summer. They are perfect for setting out – you can see their bright colors from far away. When the kids are in the water – they know where I’m sitting.

  40. JD Welch

    Perfect workout mat for outside. I like to stretch outside in the mornings – this mat is great for the grass – it keeps me dry from the dew, is sturdy and doesn’t wrinkle up when I’m stretching, and it feels soft and comfortable when I hold long stretching poses.

  41. Alicia

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