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Oversized Brown & Tan Reversible Outdoor Mat (3 sizes available)

(23 customer reviews)


A super-durable, eco-friendly, waterproof, easy to clean stylish rug. The essential outdoor mat for RV patios, your porch, picnics, games, beach outings and more. Durable carry bag made from 420D nylon included.


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STRONGER, THICKER, BETTER – Our extra-large (RV-size) indoor/outdoor rugs are woven from heavy-weight recycled plastic polypropylene straws. Our mats are thicker (450g weave weight, .5 cm thickness) and more durable than all other plastic outdoor rugs.

4-SIDED EDGING & UV PROTECTANT – All Mountain Mats come with 4-sided double-stitched edging as well as a UV protectant coating. The large plastic rugs are built to last seasons of camping!

ECO-FRIENDLY – You can feel good about making this purchase! We’re working to reduce our carbon footprint by offering woven rugs from 100% recycled polypropylene (excluding edging).

STYLISH – These outdoor mats are designed in the USA with on-trend patterns and colors so your outdoor camping site, RV patio, or beach outings are inviting and make a statement.

EASY-TO-CLEAN, MOLD & MILDEW RESISTANT – Our waterproof mats make clean-up a breeze and will not trap odors. Simply shake off dirt or sand or hose down, wipe off and allow to air dry.

PROTECT GEAR – Provides a waterproof barrier between the ground and you and protects expensive gear all while making clean-up a breeze!

LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE – will not harm or kill the grass.

EASY TO STORE & TRANSPORT – Comes with a sturdy, water-resistant carrying bag made with 420D nylon, reinforced stitching, and stainless-steel zippers for safe storage.

STAKE IT DOWN – Designed with 6 stainless steel grommets for staking the corners [STAKES SOLD SEPERATLY]

CLEANING – To clean your Mountain Mat, simply shake off any loose debris. For mud or other more difficult dirt, hose your mat off with water and allow to air dry. It is not recommended to use abrasive or chemical cleaning products on your Mountain Mat. Mountain Mats are constructed from high-quality recycled polypropylene which has been UV protected to resist fading.

MAINTAIN COLOR – Leaving your mat in the sun for a few days is absolutely fine, but please keep in mind that it is not recommended to leave your mat in continuous direct sunlight or moisture as this will cause weather-related damage.

Mountain Mat has a 30-day return policy for refunds or exchanges. Requests in writing must be made within 30 days of the initial order. Visit Returns & Exchanges for more information.

For more information on shipping, handling, sales tax and backorders visit this page.

Reasons to buy this mat

What makes this the best outdoor reversible plastic mat? Mountain Mat is a premium, all-purpose, 100% recycled plastic mat designed to last through any outdoor adventure.

Reviews for Oversized Brown & Tan Reversible Outdoor Mat (3 sizes available)

23 reviews for Oversized Brown & Tan Reversible Outdoor Mat (3 sizes available)

  1. Richard (verified owner)

    Very well made, durable. Reasonable cost considering the high quality and MADE IN THE USA !! God Bless

  2. JPReyes

    Very light weight, I do have 2 dogs so it has gotten muddy. But I can sweep it and most of the dirt just comes off! Nice little addition to my outdoor space!


    We were really happy with this outside our camper. It fit perfectly under the awning, dried quickly, and was easy to keep clean with an occasional sweep from a broom. One campsite we set it over roots and it broke a few of the straws, so I would be mindful of the surface underneath. When I lifted it up you could see a jagged area, so I covered this and didn’t see any more damage. Overall this was really helpful for keeping our camper cleaner than usual, despite some rain and sand!

  4. MitchP

    An excellent mat for camping. Sand and water simply wipe away with a broom, and it’s very comfortable on the ground. I really was surprised at the quality of this mat. Can’t go wrong and better made than most.

  5. Hannah

  6. Dhillon

    The weave is tight not to allow dirt or gravel from the ground to come up through the mat, yet the rug still allows sand and dirt to fall between the weave. I was able to put my outdoor chair on it which made a little visible wear, but did not poke a hole through the rug

  7. Kelly Duncan

    t rained the first night, but even on Sat morning, with it still being wet, it helped keep dirt out of the camper! It dried pretty quickly and I was able to easily sweep the debris from the rain off! In packing up on Sun, the underside of the mat was still wet from the rain and had wet debris from the ground, but I simply flipped it over on the campsite picnic table, brushed it off with a foxtail and let it sit for a while to dry while I finished packing up. It was good to go within the hour and it wasnt even in direct sun

  8. Pete D

    Its very easy to sweep off leaves and dirt when it gets trashy.
    We had folding chairs on it, as well as a table, and the legs didnt not damage the mat. It does leave little indents in it for a while but they eventually fade away.

  9. K

    Happy to be using. A great product that is made from recycled materials. Too much has already gone to waste on this planet. What’s a great product to make from it. It’s sturdy, easy to clean, and durable. I was afraid it was going to be too thin, but it’s a great thickness that’s perfect for outdoor weather.

  10. MichelleMatthew

    We purchased this mat for the garage area of our car camping tent and it worked out great! The first time it got muddy I was worried but it just swept right off when dry or easily washed with water. Doesn’t feel super “plastic-y” either like you might expect from a recycled product, more like a woven straw feel.

  11. DARIN

    I purchased these for my front porch. I love that they are reversible. You can kind of get multiple different looks. So far love the product. It is a plastic, but not a hard plastic.

  12. Mallory Moore

    It is the best thing ever to walk bare feet on.

  13. Stella (verified owner)

    We have not used it for camping yet. It gets really hot when placed in the sun.

  14. Sandy M

    It has been on my back porch under our furniture all summer and it is perfect! It makes it feel like we have another room on our back porch. Getting ready to put it away for the winter and it folded right up and we put it in the bag it came in.

  15. tom

    I love that this rug came in a neutral color. That was hard to find for an outdoor rug. This was exactly what I needed. Don’t worry about any creases, they all come out after it’s Ben open for a bit.

  16. Donna (verified owner)

    I Loved it, I need to get some stakes, yet, to hold it straight

  17. BRIAN STARSZAK (verified owner)

    Going to work excellent

  18. H. Schrefflers

    This rug is thick and washable. Love it. Will buy again.

  19. Stella Keck

    I bought this rug for my child to be out on the balcony without worrying about spinters. I wished it was a little bigger on each side because doesn’t fully cover area. I enjoy I can turn it over if I want something a little different, it doesn’t get hot with the sun on it and looks nice. The only thing is you cam see some of the plastic strands they cut off so I hope it doesn’t unravel later on.

  20. Kay

    Great material. Doesn’t hold water when it rains and easy to clean. I love it for my patio

  21. Laurel R

    This carpet is fragile and can easily be torn if not careful. Also, this can be used outside and inside.

  22. M S

    No need to worry about dampness or mold as this rug is not made of cloth. I feels to be a plastic that has lots of give for comfortability walking on it with bare feet. The pattern is nice too. A good purchase.

  23. Julianne

    it is used on top of pea gravel by the sandbox for the grandkids to step on instead of the gravel

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