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How to Fold a Mountain Mat 8’x16′

It is simple to fold your Mountain Mat outdoor plastic mat. Follow our step-by-step instructions in the above video to ensure the proper folding and storage of your reversible mat.


Audio Transcript:

Hey, I’m Chad with Mountain Mat outdoor RV mats.

Today we have the newest addition to our Mountain Mat collection, the extra-large 8’x16′ mat.

You may have been using this for your RV or your campsite. Today we just got done with a backyard BBQ and I’m going to go ahead and show you how to fold this Mountain Mat up.

It is a beast of a mat – and just like all of our mats, its made of recycled polypropylene, and really can help to keep everything clean in and around your area – wherever you are using the mat.

So, to fold this Mountain Mat up, it is a bit bigger than other mats but we do provide a carry bag for you.

You will notice that the mat has 2 folds dividing the mat into thirds. The best way to fold a Mountain Mat, that I’ve found, is to go into the middle of the mat and kneel down so you have some weight (leverage) on it.

Bring one side over, it folds nicely bringing two of the thirds together. And then also from the center, you bring up the mat, and start to fold that middle part together.

Then I’ll go around to the base, and bring one side down and under the mat. And then go to the other side and get that side done.

It helps if you have 2 people – it makes it a little faster. But you can do this with just one person.

Fold that mat so that it is fairly flat. Now I’m going to fold the mat in half – just walk it down.

You also notice on this mat that we have our other feature – grommets. There are 6 of them – that you can use to stake down the mat. Obviously you’ll want to remove the stakes before you start folding – otherwise your mat folding won’t work.

Alright, I’ve got the Mountain Mat in half, and I’m going to fold it in half again.

Then I’ll just go one over the other – to make it a nice structure to put into the carry bag.

Just hold on one second, I’m going to go grab the bag and we’ll put it in.

Okay, I’m back – and I’ve grabbed my vinyl bag that was provided with the mat. A good thing to store your Mountain Mat in – in your RV or wherever you keep the rest of your gear.

The mat will slide easy into here – you just have to maneuver it. Mountain Mats are thicker than most mats – that’s because of the quality of the plastics being used to weave. But – it fits nicely inside, and there are 2 zippers on the bag to meet in the middle – and you’ve got your mat stored.

So get your extra-large mat on or Amazon – and Claim Your Space!


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