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How to Clean Liquid Spills on a Mountain Mat

spilled glass of juice on mountain mat

Mountain Mats are made from 100% recycled polypropylene which makes cleaning liquid spills a breeze!  Our outdoor mats are waterproof and can be hosed off right in your garden.  Read on for a dramatic story-presentation of how to clean a wet spill from a Mountain Mat.

So its a beautiful day outside and your children beg to eat lunch ‘picnic style’.  Great!  You send them out to the backyard with a Mountain Mat, a pile of sandwiches, and they set up.  Of course Leo the cat and Ruff the stuffed dog are invited to the picnic.  Leo even gets a bowl of cat food to munch on.

two girls having a picnic on an outdoor picnic mat

While munching away on the tasty sandwiches, your children come to the realization that they are thirsty.

And your children, thoughtful little humans that they are, decide not to bother you to get them drinks.

So they go bring their favorite juice to the picnic.

Grape Juice.

They could have chosen juice boxes, but they went for the entire bottle of grape juice.

What could possibly go wrong.
young girl holding glass of juice while sitting on a camping mat
Against all odds, juice isn’t spilled while pouring!

But within moments of the first sip, the youngest child knocks her juice over.  Of course.

close up of spill on Mountain Mat outdoor play mat
Wet spills are no issue for Mountain Mat

Honestly, grape juice should only be sold in juice boxes.
close up of spilled glass of juice on mountain mat
Now – if this spill were on any other picnic blanket — we’d be dealing with a serious stain issue.

But not for a Mountain Mat!  Wet Spills (even grape juice) are no match for MOUNTAIN MAT! (please read that last part with super-hero voice)


STEP 1: Call for Mom.

STEP 2: Get a hose and rinse that spill right off!
woman rinsing off a camping mat

Ta-Da!  Clean!

Now, just lay out the mat to air dry and its good as new!

So easy – you could even skip STEP 1.



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