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How Much Does a Mountain Mat Weigh?

One of our most popular questions: How much does a Mountain Mat weigh? Our mats are a little heavier than similar products on the market – this is because we use a thicker weave. Our RV-size mats are woven using a 450g weight recycled polypropylene plastic ‘thread’. You can see and feel the difference in quality.



Audio Transcript of the Video:

Hi, I’m Jennifer from Mountain Mat, and I just wanted to answer a question we get often on our website, or on our email – and that is: How much do the mats – the RV mats – weigh?
So I have with me here, the three sizes of RV mats. They are folded in their bags.
And the first one is the 8×12 here, um for reference, I’m 5’2″…almost. This here is the carry bag. They all have the same carry bag – its just the mat itself that is different.
This mat is the 8’x12′ and its 10 lbs. Um, so its pretty light actually – um, not a big heavier one.
Our 8’x16′ is our second largest size and its probably our most popular size – just in terms of quantity sold. Ah, and this one is 12 and 1/2 pounds. So its starting to get heavier but as you can see, I’m a smaller person, and I can still lift it fine. Although I’d probably carry it on my shoulder like this. So that’s what that looks like.
And then finally, here is our largest mat, the 8’x20′. This is 15 and a half pounds. So its quite a bit heavier than even the smaller ones.
But even being such a large mat, our carry bags are built so that there is extra room inside them, so if you want to put some extra gear in with them – even with our largest mat – its not a problem. You can stick in stakes or, um, even a like a little, smaller mat inside, if you can fit that in.
So anyway, that’s our 3 mats that we have and how much they weigh, and like what a real person looks like lifting them. So you can see if you can fit them in your camper or if you are going to throw them in your car.


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