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Best Gifts for RV Campers

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We’ve got the list for the top 10 gifts for RV campers in 2020!  These are the perfect RV gifts for anyone who wants to present a thoughtful, useful and unique camping accessory to their favorite camper.  From the best RV Mat on the market to s’mores kits – you’ll find the best gifts for people who love camping.

If you are looking for the best gifts for the RV camper in your life, this is the ultimate list.  Updated for 2020 – find the perfect gift for your friends and family who love to camp and RV.  You’ll find something unique and fun in this list!  Surprise your favorite camper with one of these wonderful gifts!


  1. RV Towels by PackTowl



One of the few drawbacks to traveling in an RV is the dreaded wet towel issue.  RV bathrooms are tiny and its a constant battle to dry out towels after bathing.  BEHOLD: the answer to all your problems (wet-towel problems, anyway): PackTowel.  This microfiber blend towel is a quick-dry towel with a loop at the corner for ease.  It gets rave reviews on all the top camping gear sites and our personal experience is that these towels work just as advertised – they soak up water and dry quickly.  Really, is there anything more you could ask for?  Hint: Unless you are an exceptionally small person, the XL size is best for shower time!

2. Hershey’s S’MORES Caddy & Hershey Bars

Hershey's S'Mores caddy

Any camper worth their salt will LOVE this S’MORES caddy.  It holds Hershey bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows in a handy plastic, airtight caddy.  If you order from the Hershey’s website – 12 Hershey bars are included.  You can also purchase the caddy alone from places like Target – but be aware they are just the caddy – no ingredients included.  Either way – fill this puppy up with all the goodies needed for a perfect S’MORE and bask in the glow of knowledge that your favorite camper will be reminded of your sweetness every time they sit around their campfire enjoying their treats.

3. The Best RV Mats by Mountain Mat

Getting the RV parked is only half the battle of camping!  The most important thing an RV camper can do is set up a cozy, inviting campsite outside their RV.  These reversible, waterproof camping mats are just the ticket.  Campers will enjoy having a sitting-area set up on these colorful mats where they can have a refreshing drink after a hard day of camping and relaxing.  And when its time to pack up the campsite, your favorite campers can just shake this mat off and fold it away in its own included carry bag.  Get ready to accept everlasting gratitude for this awesome gift!

4. Portable Wine Table by Uncommon Goods

portable wine table

RV campers of all kinds will appreciate this handy portable wine table that can stake right into the ground and hold 2 wine glasses and a bottle of vino.  Its the perfect accessory to go in the sitting-area in the campsite.

5. Headlamps by Black Diamond

Black Diamond head lamp

Sure, RVers aren’t exactly roughing it (unless they have a 1972 Winnebego) – but they still need some quality camping accessories like these head lamps by Black Diamond.  Imagine its late in the evening and you are relaxing in your RV, enjoying your favorite movie – perhaps The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – when you hear a scratching sound coming from outside your RV.  Is it a possum looking for a place to have its babies (yikes – that’s a horror in itself!) or is it someone with a chainsaw (not looking for firewood!!)?  No need to fret!  With a trusty headlamp (and your baseball bat), you can safely walk around your RV inspecting any suspicious sounds without fear of tripping on a root or rock.  Can you really put a price on piece of mind?

6. Zero Gravity Camping Chair by Caravan Sports

zero gravity chair

We keep mentioning the all-important RV campsite sitting area, but this is because it is the heart of the RV campsite.  Its where your favorite campers come to hang out, to have a drink, to relax, and to meet fellow campers at the RV park.  If you’ve purchased everything on our list so far (and if you have – may we just say that you are indeed a treasure of a friend!) – you’ve got the Mountain Mat, the wine table, and now we suggest – Zero Gravity Lounge Chairs.  Because sometimes, gravity is just too much.  Be warned: do not try these chairs out prior to handing them over as gifts – you may be temped to keep them for yourself – they are that comfortable.

7. RV State Sticker Travel Map by LushDesigns

sticker map of USA

This clever little humble-brag item is a decal (not a sticker as the name would lead you to believe).  Being a decal – the stickers can be re-used and moved if needed.  This is the perfect conversation starter with fellow RVers!

8. S’MORES Duck Tape by Duck Brand Tape

S'Mores Duck Tape

Be known as the “fun-gift-giver” this year when you send your RV Camping friends S’MORES Duck Tape.  Everyone knows you can do almost anything with duct tape, and you can do it better with cute duct tape!  RVers will enjoy impressing and delighting their fellow campers with their jimmied together RV repair jobs with this amusing fix-it-all tape!

9. 20 fl oz Tumbler by YETI

yeti tumbler
Nothing says “I’ve Arrived” like a thirty dollar coffee cup and YETI is the best of the best.  Personally we’ve the the 20 oz tumbler, wine tumbler, AND the colster and why?  Because simply – YETI is awesome (and by extension we believe that makes US awesome).  Seriously, these are great coffee/cold brew drink ware and your RV friends will appreciate your discerning taste in gifts.

10. Pink Plastic Yard Flamingos by Bloem

pink plastic flamingos

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to leave ALL the comforts and decorations of home.  Staking plastic pink flamingos around your RV campsite makes a bold statement that others are sure to envy.  Giving a set of flamingos (or, if you are feeling generous, a FLOCK of flamingos) will speak volumes to your RV friends.


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