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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who founded the Mountain Mat company?

Mountain Mat was founded by Jennifer Hillberg. Jennifer served 8 years Active Duty in the US Air Force before transitioning to the Air Force Reserves. She is currently assigned to Washington DC in the rank of Colonel.

How is a Mountain Mat made?

Mountain Mats are constructed from recycled polypropylene which makes our mats soft, comfortable, and colorful!  Recycled Polypropylene is the plastic polymer used in shopping bags, water bottles, carpet fibers, medicine bottles, as well as all sorts of other household products.  These products degrade slowly in landfills and can take around 20-30 years for completely decompose, but when melted down and recycled – they can be reused as new products – like Mountain Mats! To make a Mountain Mat, used plastics (like the water bottles and other consumer waste) is melted down and custom color dyes are added.  The mixture is then fed into a machine that produces thick, round weaving material.  Mountain Mats are constructed of 550 gram weaving material which is the thickest possible.  As the material cools, it forms a strong plastic thread.  You can read about the exact process (with pictures!) on this blog post: How Mountain Mats are Made. This thread is then wrapped onto spools and is fitted onto a loom.  Mountain Mats are woven together using an electric loom for fast, consistent production. Once each panel of the mat is finished, it is trimmed, inspected for flaws, and then edging, and stake loops or grommets are added to the mat.

Where do you manufacture?

At Mountain Mat, we’re committed to premium quality, ethically sourced, eco-friendly manufacturing practices. So why aren’t our products made in the USA?

Our products are designed in the USA. We incorporate the best features of mats we’ve tested from around the globe. While we would love to offer USA-made products, that’s just not possible – yet. Currently, there aren’t any manufacturing plants in the USA with the large mechanical looms needed to make recycled polypropylene outdoor mats. We are exploring many options to bring our manufacturing to the USA, including partnering with other USA-based companies to purchase manufacturing equipment. As our family-owned, veteran-owned business continues to grow, more possibilities are opening up. Until we are able to do so, we maintain close relations with our Chinese partner.

We stringently chose our manufacturing partner overseas. Like us, they are a small, family-owned business. They use ethical labor practices; no child labor, fair wages, and a safe working environment for all of their employees. We are in constant communication with them, to ensure all of our products are woven with the highest attention to detail. As our company grows we’ll have more options for manufacturing open up.  Until then, we will focus on bringing only the most eco-friendly, premium outdoor mats to market!  Thank you for your support along the way.

Where do you offer shipping?

Mountain Mats ship from a warehouse in Texas. We ship to all states in the continental USA.

Are these rugs or mats?

They are both! We use the term “rug” and “mat” interchangeably. Our mats can be folded like a picnic mat, but also laid out for an excellent outdoor rug.

How long will a Mountain Mat last?

Our mats are woven with thick, premium quality recycled plastic. Durable outdoor rugs can be expected to last several season when exposed to year-round elements.

What do I do if I have a problem with my outdoor rug?

Mountain Mat offers a 1 year warranty against any manufacturers defect. Simply contact us via e-mail and we’ll take it from there.

What features make Mountain Mat better than other outdoor rugs?’

Mountain Mats have the following premium details:

  • 3’x6′ mats come with 4-sided edging & elastic straps for securing the rolled mat
  • 5’x7′ mats come with heavy duty carry bag, 4-sided edging, and 4 corner stake loops
  • RV outdoor rugs – 4-sided edging, 420d Nylon heavy duty carry bag, 6 grommets for stakes

Where can I find Mountain Mat product reviews?

You can find customer reviews on each product page on our website. You can also find product reviews on our listings on

What is your return policy?

Mountain Mat has a 30 day return policy for refunds or exchanges.  Requests in writing must be made within 30 days of the initial order. We stand behind the quality of our mats, but in the event that you are unhappy with your mat, advise by emailing within 30 days of placing your order.  Let us know your ORDER NUMBER and the reason why you wish to return your product. If the product is damaged or faulty, please include photos so that we can clearly understand your concerns.  In certain situations, we may not require you to return the product prior to sending a replacement if the issue is clear from your photos.  If we cannot resolve your issue via digital photos, we will request that you return the product to us so that we can examine for faults. Returned items MUST be in original packaging with ALL original tags/stickers in place.  Mats cannot have been used ANY WAY and MUST be folded along the same fold lines with which they were received.  If the plastic mats are folded incorrectly or carelessly, there is a chance that undue pressure placed on the woven plastic when inserting back into the carry bag or during transit may cause damage, rendering them unsellable and therefore voiding any option for a refund or exchange. Mats MUST be received by us in perfect re-sellable condition.  Any eligible replacement item or refund due will not be processed until the returned item has been received and reviewed by us. If you have used the mat, damaged the mat, or thrown away the labels and packaging, then it is yours to keep. Mountain Mat will not accept a return or exchange on any SALE items or purchases made using a discount voucher or code.


If the product isn’t damaged, but you are unhappy with the color, for example, please e-mail us within 30 days of your initial order at   Please note that return postage costs are your responsibility. We will e-mail you return instructions and refund your money upon receipt of the product – in new, re-sellable condition.  All tags/stickers attached, and folded along original fold lines. Mountain Mat cannot be held liable for damage to or the loss of items being returned.  We recommend you use a tracking service on any return postage.

How long will it take for me to receive my outdoor mat in the mail?

Our mats process and ship out within 1 business day from when you place your order. Our smaller mats (size 3×6 and 5×7) ship via USPS priority mail – generally it takes 2-4 days shipping time. RV size outdoor rugs ship via FedEx ground and usually take 3-7 business days to arrive. Please note – we are unable to ship RV size mats to PO Boxes.

How do I clean my mat?

To clean your Mountain Mat, you can:

  • shake it off
  • vacuum
  • sweep
  • hose off with garden hose

If you have dirt or food wedged into the weave of your Mountain Mat, try using warm water and a soft brush or sponge to lightly scrub the dirt out. Do not use abrasive or chemical cleaning products. Do not use pressure washers to spray your Mountain Mat. For a video demonstration of washing off a Mountain Mat:

Do the outdoor mats have fold lines? 

Except for the size 3’x6′, your Mountain Mat will arrive folded in its own carry bag.  When you unfold your mat, it will have fold marks.  These marks will generally ease out over the period of a few weeks if you do not re-fold your mat.  You can speed up the ‘release’ of fold lines by leaving your mat in the warm sun for a few days.  Remember – while a few days in direct sun is fine — longer than that will result in damage to the Mountain Mat’s color.  If you keep your mat folded for storage, the fold lines will stay.

How do I store my RV mat when I’m not using it?

 When you aren’t using your Mountain Mat, we suggest folding it up along its original fold lines and storing it in its carry bag.  Do not place heavy items on top of your Mountain Mat as they can cause permanent marks and damage. If your mat gets extensive daily use, it is possible for the the center seam to pull apart over a period of time.  You can re-stitch the seam back using fishing line and a large needle. If you will be using your Mountain Mat on a bare floor, wood floor, or tile floor, we suggest using a non-skid protector under the mat to prevent it from sliding.

Are outdoor mats waterproof?’

These outdoor rugs are woven from recycled polypropylene which is waterproof as well as mold resistant. They dry quickly in the sun. Outdoor mats are mold resistant but sometimes mold can still pop up. If you will be keeping your outdoor rug in an area that is perpetually moist or damp you will need to periodically hang the mat up to dry so that it doesn’t get mold or mildew.

How thick is a Mountain Mat?

Mountain Mat outdoor mats are the thickest on the market. Our 3’x6′ and 5’x7′ mats are woven from 500 gram weight weave – which means its about .6 cm thick. The RV size outdoor patio mats (sizes 8’x12′, 8’x16′, 8’x20′) are woven from 450 gram weight weave and are about .5 cm thick.

Is a Mountain Mat reversible?

Yes – you can use a Mountain Mat on either side.

Can I recycle my Mountain Mat?

Yes! Not only are Mountain Mat outdoor mats woven from recycled plastic, the mats themselves can be recycled once you don’t want to use it anymore. Simple use scissors to cut off the fabric edging and then put the entire mat out for recycle.

Can you cut your outdoor mat to size?

No, these mats have been woven on a loom with recycled plastic straws (like threads). The sides are stitched so that the mat won’t unravel or fray.

Are these outdoor mats good for laying beach towels on?

Yes! In fact, these outdoor mats are perfect for the beach. Lay out your Mountain Mat and put beach towels on top. The mat acts as a sand barrier which keeps your towels much cleaner! See this article for more details and photos: The Best Beach Mat

If you will be setting out your outdoor mat in a windy situation or in a high-traffic area, its best to secure the corners with sturdy metal stakes. The size 5×7 mats have 4 stake loops to secure the mat to the ground. The RV size outdoor rugs come with 6 grommets that you put stakes in to secure your mat. You can see our quality stakes here: Steel Stakes

Do you sell Mountain Mats on

 Yes, we sell Mountain Mats on – you can see our brand store here: Mountain Mat on

Can 1 person fold up the large RV mats?

 Our RV patio rugs are pretty big – its a lot easier to fold them with two people! But 1 person can certainly do it. Here is a video showing you how: Folding an 8×16 Mountain Mat

What sizes of outdoor mats do you offer?

 Mountain Mats come in a variety of sizes: 3′ x 6′ (rolled) 5′ x 7′ (folded with bag) 8′ x 12′ (folded with bag) 8′ x 16′ (folded with bag) 8′ x 20′ (folded with bag)

Do the beach mats have sand pockets to hold them down?

No – the size 5×7 mats come with stake loops and the larger mats come with grommets.

Which mats roll up using elastic strap?

Our size 3′ x 6′ mats roll up and are secured with attached elastic straps.

Are these outdoor mats good for camping?

Yes – these mats are perfect for camping — either in your RV or in a tent. You can use them inside your tent as a protective and soft rug. You can use them outside your tent as a landing spot for dirty shoes and equipment. And they are popular as RV patio rugs. Here is a quick read about camping carpets.

What designs do you offer in your outdoor rugs?

Currently our RV patio rugs come in 2 design options – the black/gray geometric pattern and gray/white geometric pattern. The smaller mats come in a variety of colors and designs – we are always adding new colors to our collection!

Which mats have stake loops and which mats have grommets?

The 5×7 outdoor mats have stake loops sewn into the four corners of the mats. The 8×12 | 8×16 | 8×20 outdoor mats have 6 grommets on the outer edges of the rug.

Can I put the mat in a washing machine?

No – our mats are not machine washable. The carry bags ARE machine washable.

How many adults can fit on a mat?

The 3×6 beach mat is meant to be a single adult size mat. The 5×7 outdoor mat can fit 2 adults lying down, or 4 sitting. The larger RV size outdoor mats can fit many more people.

Would these mats be good for outdoor music concerts?

Mountain Mats are perfect for outdoor music festivals and concerts! The size 5×7 comes with a convenient carry bag – so you can stash your extra gear along with your mat. The mats are waterproof too – so no worries about damp grass ruining the seat of your pants!

Are Mountain Mats good for taking to the park?

Headed to the park with little kids? Bring along your outdoor mat – kids can sit and rest when they aren’t running wild on the playground.

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