Mountain Mats have been manufactured using recycled UV-Treated polypropylene to resist damage from the sun.  While the mats have excellent sun protection, we do not recommend leaving them in continuous direct sunlight or moisture.


Your Mountain Mat will arrive folded in its own carry bag.  When you unfold your mat, it will have fold marks.  These marks will generally ease out over the period of a few weeks if you do not re-fold your mat.  You can speed up the ‘release’ of fold lines by leaving your mat in the warm sun for a few days.  Remember – while a few days in direct sun is fine — longer than that will result in damage to the Mountain Mat’s color.  If you keep your mat folded for storage, the fold lines will stay.

Video Demonstration of folding the X-Large 8×16 Mountain Mat:


When you aren’t using your Mountain Mat, we suggest folding it up along its original fold lines and storing it in its carry bag.  Do not place heavy items on top of your Mountain Mat as they can cause permanent marks and damage.

If your mat gets extensive daily use, it is possible for the the center seam to pull apart over a period of time.  You can re-stitch the seam back using fishing line and a large needle.

If you will be using your Mountain Mat on a bare floor, wood floor, or tile floor, we suggest using a non-skid protector under the mat to prevent it from sliding.