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Embrace the Magic: How to Enjoy the Christmas Holidays While Camping

christmas cookie of camper and cactus

The Christmas holidays are a time of joy, togetherness, and tradition. While many people associate this special season with cozy firesides and twinkling lights, there’s an adventurous alternative that can be just as enchanting – camping. Embracing the great outdoors during the festive season can create unforgettable memories and a unique holiday experience. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through how to enjoy the Christmas holidays while camping, from planning your trip to celebrating the big day itself.

Choose the Right Destination

To embark on a memorable Christmas camping adventure, you’ll need to select the perfect destination. Consider factors such as climate, terrain, and the activities available in the area. A snowy wonderland or a temperate forest could be ideal settings for your holiday camping.

Plan Your Camping Setup

Preparation is key when camping during the Christmas holidays. Ensure you have the right gear, including a sturdy tent, sleeping bags suitable for the weather, warm clothing, and camping essentials. If you’re camping in colder climates, invest in a quality winter tent and a good insulating sleeping pad to stay warm and comfortable. If you are thinking of a colder climate for camping – whether tent camping or RV camping – check out this guide for winter camping that will help make your trip more successful: 15 Essential Winter Camping Tips.

Decorate Your Campsite

While camping, it’s essential to bring the festive spirit with you. Pack a box of Christmas decorations to spruce up your campsite. String some battery-operated LED lights around your tent or campfire area, hang up ornaments on nearby trees, and don’t forget a small Christmas tree or wreath. Bringing these elements will instantly transform your campsite into a holiday wonderland.

campsite decorated for christmas

Campfire Cooking

Embrace the traditional aspects of camping by cooking your Christmas meal over a campfire. Roast marshmallows, prepare foil packet meals, or even attempt a classic turkey roast over an open flame. Want to make Christmas cookies? You can do it!

Baking Christmas Cookies over a Campfire

Baking Christmas cookies is a time-honored tradition. If you want to bring this tradition to the wilderness, you’ll need to make a few adjustments and be prepared for some trial and error. Baking over a campfire isn’t quite a precise as setting your kitchen oven!


  • Pre-made cookie dough (store-bought or homemade)
  • Aluminum foil
  • Cooking spray
  • Campfire with a bed of hot coals


  • Campfire cooking grate or tripod (optional)


  1. Prepare Your Campfire: Start by building a campfire and allowing it to burn down to a bed of hot coals. You want a steady and consistent heat source. You can use a campfire cooking grate or tripod to suspend a cooking surface over the fire, or you can cook directly on the coals.
  2. Shape the Aluminum Foil: Tear off a sheet of aluminum foil for each cookie you plan to bake. The sheets should be large enough to accommodate the cookie dough and fold over it.
  3. Grease the Foil: Spray the aluminum foil with cooking spray to prevent the cookies from sticking.
  4. Portion the Cookie Dough: Take a portion of cookie dough and shape it into a round or oval shape that will fit on the foil. You can make them as thick or thin as you like, but keep in mind that thicker cookies will take longer to bake.
  5. Place the Dough on Foil: Put the shaped cookie dough onto the greased aluminum foil.
  6. Fold the Foil: Fold the foil over the cookie dough, creating a packet or envelope. Make sure it’s sealed tightly to keep the heat and smoke out.
  7. Position on the Coals: Carefully place the foil packet directly onto the hot coals of the campfire. If you’re using a grate or tripod, you can place the packet on the grate, slightly above the coals.
  8. Baking Time: The baking time can vary depending on the heat of your campfire and the thickness of your cookies. Generally, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes for the cookies to bake. Check the packet after 5-7 minutes to gauge their progress.
  9. Rotate the Packet: To ensure even baking, you can carefully rotate the foil packet every couple of minutes.
  10. Check for Doneness: Open the foil packet and use a fork or toothpick to check if the cookies are done. They should be golden brown on the edges and slightly soft in the center. Keep in mind that cookies will continue to cook a bit after you remove them from the fire due to residual heat.
  11. Cool and Enjoy: Once the cookies are done, carefully remove them from the foil using a spatula or fork. Let them cool for a few minutes before enjoying your freshly baked campfire cookies.

Remember that baking cookies over a campfire can be a bit of an experiment, as the heat can be less predictable than an oven. Be patient and adjust the cooking time and position as needed to achieve the desired level of doneness. Luckily the decorating part is much easier! Just bring some pre-made frosting and lots of sprinkles and go for it! Don’t worry about where or how to store leftovers – there won’t be any!

Plan Festive Activities

To truly enjoy the Christmas holidays while camping, organize festive activities for your group. This could include carol singing, making ornaments from natural materials, or a secret Santa gift exchange. Bring along board games or cards for evening entertainment around the campfire. And don’t forget a gifts- although it will be a bit more tricky to hide wrapped Christmas presents! There are so many fun gifts to give your fellow campers – from inexpensive and fun to expensive and amazing. Check out some ideas here.

Christmas Nature Scavenger Hunt

Turn your camping adventure into a learning experience by organizing a Christmas-themed nature scavenger hunt. Create a list of items related to the season, such as pinecones, holly leaves, or a feathered friend like a robin. Award small prizes to the participants who find the most items.

puppy wearing a santa hat

Stay Warm and Cozy

Camping during winter can get chilly, so staying warm is essential. Invest in high-quality thermal clothing, layer up, and bring extra blankets and hot water bottles to ensure everyone stays cozy. Don’t forget to pack a good supply of hot cocoa and tea bags to warm up from the inside out.

Capture the Moments

Document your Christmas camping adventure with plenty of photos and videos. Create a scrapbook or digital album to commemorate the experience. Share these memories with friends and family to spread the holiday cheer.

Wildlife Watching

Take advantage of the peace and quiet of the wilderness by indulging in some wildlife watching. Keep an eye out for animal tracks, and if you’re lucky, you might spot a deer, rabbit, or other forest creatures going about their winter business. Keep a keen eye out for any deer with glowing red noses.

Reflect and Give Thanks

In the midst of the holiday rush, it’s easy to forget the true meaning of Christmas. Use this camping experience to reflect on what you’re grateful for and what the holiday season means to you. Share your thoughts around the campfire with your fellow campers.

baby wearing a santa hat in a tent

Connect with Loved Ones

If you’re spending the holidays away from family and friends, technology can bridge the gap. Set up a video call or send heartfelt messages to loved ones to let them know you’re thinking of them. Share your camping experience and include them in your holiday festivities virtually.

Be Mindful of Nature

While enjoying the Christmas holidays in the great outdoors, it’s crucial to respect nature and leave no trace. Follow Leave No Trace principles, pack out all trash, and minimize your impact on the environment.

Camping during the Christmas holidays offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature, create lasting memories, and celebrate the season in a distinctive way. By choosing the right destination, preparing properly, and infusing your campsite with festive decorations and activities, you can fully enjoy the magic of Christmas while camping. Embrace the tranquility of nature, savor the warmth of campfires, and share the joy of the season with your loved ones. Whether you’re roasting marshmallows, singing carols under the stars, or simply taking in the beauty of the natural world, your Christmas camping adventure is sure to be a cherished and unforgettable experience.

Looking for Christmas Camping gift inspiration? Check out our guide for top gifts to give fellow camping enthusiasts.

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