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Hoosier Warrior Coffee


Mountain Mat, LLC is part of a growing community of small businesses who are owned and operated by US military veterans.  From time to time we like to share the backstories to fellow businesses who we feel may be of interest to the Mountain Mat family! 

Hoosier Warrior Coffee LogoAnd who doesn’t like good coffee?  (Okay, fine, some people may not be coffee fans – but I bet you at least know someone who is.)  Introducing Hoosier Warrior Coffee company!  Born from the vision of three military veterans from Indiana – Hoosier Warrior Coffee was an outlet to combine military honor, patriotism, love of coffee, and entrepreneurial spirits right into a cup of piping hot java.

Gourmet coffee, locally roasted in Indiana and available to ship worldwide.  You can even set up a coffee delivery subscription – so you never worry about running out of life-fuel.

Supporting veteran-owned businesses is a tangible way that allows you to directly impact America’s small-business community and the economic future of America’s veterans.  We encourage you to check out Hoosier Warrior Coffee’s website and try a bag of their special brew!




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