The Tent Vestibule Mat: Introducing Mountain Mat

Camping enthusiasts, seasoned backpackers, and nature lovers, gather around because we’re about to take your camping experience to a whole new level! Imagine setting up your tent in a pristine wilderness, surrounded by the beauty of nature, and yet keeping the inside of your sanctuary spotless. This dream is possible with a tent vestibule mat, […]

Tips for Keeping Sand at the Beach: How to Get Rid of Beach Sand

Waterproof Beach Mat Yellow and Red

  Love the beach but hate the sand?  Looking for a way to enjoy your day at the beach without loads of sand sticking to everything you own and then making its way back into your vehicle, your laundry, and your house?  We’ve got 10 essential tips that will help keep you and your family […]

What to Look for In a Camping Carpet

man in blue tent with camping mat

  If you want to make an extra-cozy campsite, bring along a recycled plastic outdoor camping mat.  Use your mat inside or outside your tent, as a sitting area, or a gear storage area.  Camping mats protect your expensive camping equipment from dirt, rocks, and debris. RECYCLED MATS FOR CAMPERS After you select your campsite, […]

First Time Tent Camping with Kids – Don’t Panic!

First time tent camping with kids blog post by Mountain Mat

  Thinking about planning a first-time camping trip with the kids but not sure where to start?  We’ve got all the best advice on what to pack for a family camping trip and tips for tent camping with kids.  From campsite meal prepping to our free downloadable camping gear checklist, your dreams of a family […]

How to Clean Liquid Spills on a Mountain Mat

spilled glass of juice on mountain mat

Mountain Mats are made from 100% recycled polypropylene which makes cleaning liquid spills a breeze!  Our outdoor mats are waterproof and can be hosed off right in your garden.  Read on for a dramatic story-presentation of how to clean a wet spill from a Mountain Mat. So its a beautiful day outside and your children […]

How Do I Create a Comfortable Campsite?

close up of family camping with camping mats

Setting up a cozy, comfortable campsite is easy when you use a camping tent mat. These mats are multi-functional and you can use them inside your tent as a floor liner, outside your tent as a landing space for shoes and gear, or out as a ground mat for your campsite. What do I need […]