Best Gifts for RV Campers

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  We’ve got the list for the top 10 gifts for RV campers in 2020!  These are the perfect RV gifts for anyone who wants to present a thoughtful, useful and unique camping accessory to their favorite camper.  From the best RV Mat on the market to s’mores kits – you’ll find the best gifts […]

Best Camping Gifts

10 gifts to give people who love to camp outside

Looking for the best camping gift to give to that special someone?  Check out this ultimate camping gift list for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.  For anyone from the experienced solo-hiker to car camping fanatics — these gifts are proven favorites and range from extremely useful (yet somewhat boring) to awe-inspiring shows of magnificence.  […]

Recycling Polypropylene (PP) Plastic

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Polypropylene is a type of plastic that is very popular in most household plastic products.  If you look around your home, you will find plastic containers with the symbol ♷  which means POLYPROPYLENE (PP) code 5.  Yogurt containers, medicine bottles, spatulas, lotion bottles, ink cartridges — all are products manufactured using polypropylene.  In fact, polypropylene […]