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Best Camping Gifts

10 gifts to give people who love to camp outside

Looking for the best camping gift to give to that special someone?  Check out this ultimate camping gift list for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors.  For anyone from the experienced solo-hiker to car camping fanatics — these gifts are proven favorites and range from extremely useful (yet somewhat boring) to awe-inspiring shows of magnificence.  Read on and decide for yourself which is which!

  1. Stainless steel wine tumbler by YETI

    blue yeti wine glass

Camping is tough work (sometimes) and there is nothing better than enjoying a wonderful glass of excellent wine by the campfire.  This year, your camping friends can enjoy their wine perfectly chilled (or not) with these stainless steel wine tumblers.  At home, we have a set of 4 – they are that good.  They keep white wine chilled and red wine not chilled.

2. Sherpa 40 USB Powerpack by GoalZero

Goal Zero battery

The ZEN idea of camping is getting away from everything and unplugging, but just in case your camping friends aren’t quite at that level – this USB powerpack is exactly the perfect gift.  This powerpack can charge 4 smartphones (or 1 smartphone 4 times) and it is perfect for your friend who wants to get away from it all, but still have just-in-case-access to it all!

3. Recycled Plastic Outdoor Camping Mat by Mountain Mat

camping mats at campsite

Tent camping is NOTHING without this reversible plastic folding mat.  Trust us – this is THE gift to give.  Use it inside your tent as a carpet — dirt & dust filter through the weave leaving a clean interior for your tent.  In addition – the thick weave of the mat protects your tent floor from cot legs and anything else pointy (like knives, saws, axes, pet porcupines).  Outside your tent the mat is a landing spot.  Sit with your butt inside the tent and feet outside on the mat — now remove or put on your muddy, dirty hiking shoes!  Dirt outside = Happiness.

4. Double Sleeping Bag by TETON Sports

blue double sleeping bag

Double sleeping bag — fits 2 people for extra camping snuggles.  Enough said.

5. Laundry System Bag by SCRUBBA


For your live-off-the-land camping friend we have the ultimate gift – a washing system in a bag.  Use eco-friendly soap and you are on your way to zero-waste living.  Just take this bag, insert dirty clothing – add water and soap.  Then squish out air bubbles and roll the bag around to wash the clothing!  Its easy and all natural.  Perfect for any camper who wants clean undies.

6. Hershey’s S’MORES Caddy & Hershey Bars

Hershey's S'Mores caddy

Any camper worth their salt will LOVE this S’MORES caddy.  It holds Hershey bars, graham crackers, and marshmallows in a handy plastic, airtight caddy.  If you order from the Hershey’s website – 12 Hershey bars are included.  You can also purchase the caddy alone from places like Target – but be aware they are just the caddy – no ingredients included.  Either way – fill this puppy up with all the goodies needed for a perfect S’MORE and bask in the glow of knowledge that your favorite camper will be reminded of your sweetness every time they sit around their campfire enjoying their treats.

7. Counter Assault Bear Spray

counter assault bear spray

Camping isn’t always just campfire songs, s’mores, and star-gazing.  Sometimes it is terror, bear roars, screaming, and disaster.  Show your camping friends that you care by gifting them this twin set of Bear Spray.  Its like Pepper Spray – but better!

8. Ax with Handle Saw by SOG

ax with saw

Every camper needs an ax/saw combo – its a proven fact.  This item from REI is among the best in the industry and sure to please even the most discerning camping aficionado.  You can cut kindling for fires, hack down offending bushes or slice cucumbers for your gin & tonic – practically anything is possible with this utility tool.

9. Headlamps

Black Diamond head lamp

Nature calls (often after dark).  These durable head lamps are perfect for after-dark strolls through the woods, cooking in dim light, or middle-of-the-night sound investigations.

10. Inflatable Lantern

luminAid lantern

We tried these lamps while camping last fall and we were so impressed with how much light these bad boys emit!  They are inflatable – so they don’t take up much room in your gear.  But once you inflate and turn on – your whole tent is lit up– its great!!



10 gifts to give people who love to camp outside

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