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The Origin of Mountain Mat

The Mountain Mat story began while our family was stationed in Muscat, Oman. As a military family, we’ve traveled around the world and lived in many remote locations. Living in the Middle East was by far the most exciting for me, my husband, and our three young children. We met and saw so many wonderful and interesting people and things, and this was where we discovered the plastic woven mats that became the prototypes for the Mountain Mat. We saw these mats everywhere—at parks, beaches, festivals, birthday parties, sporting events, and even camel races! They were so versatile and popular that virtually everyone had one or two in the trunk of their vehicle at all times. Not only do they protect your family from hot, sandy, or dirty ground, but they were also used to claim a spot; their own oasis in the middle of the action.

Seeing their usefulness in the Middle East, our family quickly acquired our own mats. That’s when the Mountain Mat idea began to shimmer.

When we were transferred back to the USA, we set about manufacturing mats – similar to the Middle Eastern ones – but with a few upgrades.

  • We redesigned the thickness to add durability and better insulation against hot, cold, wet, or even muddy ground.
  • We added 4-sided edging, stake loops, UV protectant, and an all-weather carry bag.
  • Finally, we sourced our manufacturing material from 100% recycled polypropylene.

Mountain Mat is committed to providing sustainable, eco-friendly products that are safe for our children, now and in the future.

Upgraded Design

  • We use a higher-quality, thicker weave (550 g) to provide more cushion, insulation, and durability
  • We added UV treatment to the recycled plastic in order to extend life of the bold colors
  • Full 4-sided hard-wearing edging to the mats to prevent against snags and frays
  • For the Original Mountain Mat (5×7) – added loops at each corner so that the mats can be staked to the ground or hung up
  • For all RV size mats (8×12, 8×16, 8×20) – added 6 eyelets so the mats can be staked out
  • We designed a sturdy, water-resistant bag to carry the mat (and keep any dirt/dust/sand contained)
  • Bold, bright solid color designs


Mountain Mat Launch

The Mountain Mat Original hit the market in early 2019, and has since been growing in popularity. Americans everywhere are learning what it means to “claim your space”. Mountain Mat is a family venture with Jennifer at the helm as CEO. When she’s not working on Mountain Mat, Jennifer is a Colonel in the Air Force Reserves.  Chad retired from the US Air Force after 21 years and two Afghanistan deployments. He now flies for Delta Airlines. Their children earn their allowances as social media advisers, models, and part time packagers.


Thank you for being part of our journey!

– Jennifer Hillberg, founder Mountain Mat

Founder Mountain Mat

Claim Your Space by Mountain Mat