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3-Day Weekend Camping Meal Plan with Shopping List

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Planning a weekend camping trip and need a simple but delicious meal plan?  Here is a kid-friendly camping meal plan that will have everyone cleaning their plates!
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One of our favorite things about camping trips are family meals cooked over the fire.  After a day of exercise and fresh air, our appetites are always bigger than ever and there is just something about a campfire-cooked meal that makes everything taste better.

If you are planning a short camping trip we’ve made it easy for you by making a 3-day meal plan, including recipes, and even a shopping list!  All you need to do is add snacks and you’ll be all set!

You won’t need a lot of extra cookware, but several of our recipes do require a 10″ Dutch Oven.  If you don’t own one, check the thrift stores!  Dutch Ovens should be made of cast iron – so they last FOREVER (and they are cheap at thrift stores!)

Our basic meal plan is based on you arriving at your campsite in time for lunch on the first day, spending a full 2nd day camping, and then departing after lunch on day 3.  This is the perfect 3-day weekend camping trip!



Day 1 – Arrival

You’ve done it!  Somehow you’ve located all your camping gear (or at least you think you have), gotten it packed into your car, and actually made it to your campsite!  You’ve got everything set up and are ready to start relaxing.  But wait!  Everyone is now STARVING and they want lunch, like – right now.  No problem.  Being the super-camper that you are (or you will be soon!), you foresaw this crisis and you’ve packed a fun, do-it-yourself lunch that everyone is sure to love.

Lunch: Deluxe Sandwich and Chips Bar

You don’t need a written recipe for this meal – its just too easy!

Menu: Deli meats (turkey, ham, roast beef, salami – whatever floats your boat), cheeses, crusty artisan bread (pre-sliced, of course!), lettuce, tomatoes, onions (everything pre-sliced).  Add to the spread bags of chips – all kinds (the more the better – you can munch on these all weekend!).  Don’t forget the condiments, mustard & mayo. Pickles, olives, and baby carrots are always nice to have too.

The main idea is to have everything pre-cut and ready to just lie out for OTHERS to assemble.  Now everyone is so happy!  Everyone gets a sandwich exactly how they love it and you get to finally sit down and enjoy your lunch too.  Win-win for everyone.

Dinner: Campfire Chili with Cornbread Topper

dutch oven over campfireNothing in the world warms the soul like a big pot of homemade chili while you sit by the campfire! Our recipe calls for using ground beef, but you can substitute with ground turkey or even just extra beans instead of meat! We’ve eliminated using a separate pan for cornbread -instead you cook it right on top of the chili (which makes more sense – I mean, that’s how you want to eat the cornbread anyway!)

Campfire Chili & Cornbread Topper Recipe




Day 2: Full Day Camping

This is your full day at the campground.  Maybe you’ve got big plans for recreation, or maybe you are just hanging out and watching nature.  Either way, these meals are sure to please the whole crowd!

Breakfast: Campfire Breakfast Burritos with Homemade Salsa

Campfire breakfasts are the best part of waking up and getting out of the sleeping bag! With these easy make-ahead breakfast burritos with homemade salsa, you’ll have more time for sipping your coffee while breakfast cooks itself on the hot coals! Just cook and assemble these burritos ahead of time and bring in a cooler. When you’re ready for a hot and hearty meal, nestle them in the hot coals for about 15 minutes! Dip them in bowls of our 5-minute homemade salsa and you’ve got the beginnings of an amazing day in nature!

Breakfast Burriots with Homemade Salsa Recipe

Lunch: Grilled Turkey and Swiss Pull-Apart Sandwich Loaf

foil wrapped meal over campfire

Camping lunches are best when they are fast, hearty, and delicious. These sandwiches can be pre-assembled if you want or quickly created to toss onto the campfire coals to cook. Serve with soup (any kind works!) and you’ve got a soup and sandwich meal that everyone will love!

Grilled Turkey and Swiss Pull-Apart Sandwich Loaf Recipe





Dinner: Campfire Chicken Foil Packet Dinners

Campfire Foil Dinner packets are a fun and easy way to cook dinner. You can mass-produce these or allow each person to customize their foil packet just the way they like them. Use heavy duty aluminum foil and double-wrap for added protection. Then just nestle the dinners into the campfire coals and let them cook while you relax!

Campfire Chicken Foil Packet Dinner Recipe

Day 3 – Departure

You’ve done it!  Three days of camping and while it was so much fun and you already can’t wait to do it again – also you are excited about a nice warm shower and your own bed with deluxe mattress.  Today is about hanging out until after lunch when you need to pack up and head back home.

Breakfast: Cinnamon Twisters and Dutch Oven Egg Scramble

dutch oven with coals on it at a campfireThe last day of camping breakfast is a special breakfast and it deserves a special treat.  Once you prep the Dutch Oven Egg Scramble and set it on the campfire to cook, you can make the Campfire Cinnamon Twisters.  They cook over the campfire in only a few minutes and they are a tasty, sweet treat to munch on while everyone waits for the main course to cook.

Campfire Cinnamon Twisters and Dutch Oven Egg Scramble Recipe




Lunch: Campfire Nachos

Nachos cooked over the campfire is an easy lunch or dinner sure to please everyone at your campsite! Add or exclude ingredients to customize this recipe to your liking. If you are a super-planner – you can even pre-chop all the ingredients making this meal super quick and easy!

Campfire Nachos Recipe

grocery list for a 3 day camping weekend

Ready to gather your ingredients for this 3-Day Weekend Camping Menu?  Download the shopping list organized by grocery store section.  Just cross off anything you already have at home and add anything else you need to customize your menu!  Happy Camping!!

Grocery List for 3-Day Camping Weekend









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